Magazine ‘Coyote’ No.41
March 2010



photographs & text by Ayako Mogi

One month after leaving the villa on the shore of Lake Corbiere in the northwest of Switzerland, where I spent four years, I arrived at the former Ikuho Daini Elementary School in Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture. It is located on top of a mountain with terraced rice fields, a shrine behind it, and a view of the Seto Inland Sea beyond the schoolyard. This abandoned school, now empty and with no one using it, is my new home. It is a two-story reinforced concrete building. The layout is much larger, with five classrooms, a staff room, and a janitor’s office. It is a spacious and free space, which I had not expected, and it will allow me to redevelop my artist community activities, which I had to give up after four years in Switzerland. It was the beginning of a new life for the five of us: my husband, film director Werner Penzel, our two elementary school-aged children, musician Misa, and me. The caravan continues.

I thought I was a light nomad, but the total weight of household goods sent by container from Switzerland came to 7 tons!

Total weight = 7128 kg
Total value = 46,276 Swiss francs (about 4.5 million yen)
Main items = drum set, cloth, books and CDs, children’s photos, developer, enlarger, 30 kg of spaghetti, arton super 16 mm camera, photographic equipment, recording equipment, lighting equipment, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, amplifier, speakers, harmonica, ukulele, cajon, microphone set,. wooden fish, marimba, zazen cushions, computer, beer, wine, coffee beans, tableware, ceramic grill set, neon letters (2 sets), tatami mats, long table (cherry wood), stone table, 8 chairs, sofa, piano, wooden horse, stone plates, 30 kg of pebbles, 2 large stones 30 kilos of small stones, 2 large stones (20 kilos), 1,000 kilos of a complete set of yurts (Swiss pao), a set of kitchen utensils, a skeleton sculpture (made of cement), an oil painting by Florian: ……, and much more.